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    Hello everyone,

    I’m trying to figure out how to top coat the mg unicorn gundam. I tried searching online but couldn’t find a definitive answer. Am i suppose to disassemble the kit and top coat it? top coat it before assembly? mask off the psycho frame? I’m going to try and flat coat the kit and i think it will mess up the pink frame if i coat it after its all assembled.


    • top coat will affect the finish. either mask or take out parts that you don’t want affected. now for the unicorn, i believe it will be easy to just put it in unicorn mode and do the top coat if it’s too much trouble to disassemble and top coat the individual parts. i only do flat coats on armor parts of my kits and i leave the frame and metallic parts shiny/glossy. same thing with clear parts, i don’t top coat or flat coat them. you can gloss coat them instead to add protection and make it more shiny.