• Hey guys how’s it going. I know that there are some here who want to get into painting and not sure on what paints to buy or just have some questions. So iv’e written up a review for the Tamiya Acyrlic paints (flat, gloss and metallic) to help out those who might be interested. Just click on the link below to see the review on my…[Read more]

    • Thx for that post. It will help me rly alot

      • Not a problem at all , i’m glad that it can help someone 🙂 If you have any questions, you can contact me here or leave a message on the post and i’ll get back to you immediately

    • Great blog post. I don’t use the Tamiya metallics, but I do like their gunmetal, especially with a flat coat. The other gem of the Tamiya range are their clear colours – smoke (grey), red, blue, yellow, green and orange. They all work great airbrushed over metallics, or hand painted for details.

      • Thanks heaps man. Yeah the Gunmetal is actually very nice. I’ve never put a flat coat over it before but will definitely give it a try. Ive got the smoke enamel but haven’t tried that one yet (just haven’t had time to try recently).

        But thanks heaps for having a look and i’m really glad you liked it 🙂

        • I’ve found uses for all their clear colours so far – they’re really useful! I used many of the clears here: hand painted on the frame, and the smoke was used to darken the indents on the panels.

          • Nice work on the frame – looks great! Yeah i was going to buy some more of the clear colors but realized that I still had the Vallejo Air clear colors left untouched. I wasn’t sure if I needed the smoke but thought I might as well buy it just in case.

            • I’ve never tried Vallejo Air clear colours – are they any good?

              I really like Tamiya clear smoke – it’s useful. Or should I say I keep finding uses for it!

              • Haha nice, at least I now know that buying that smoke was a good idea.
                Sorry about the late reply – I wanted to give the clear another try before I commented on it. The Vallejo clears are actually the only ones iv’e tried so far. When they are sprayed on, they have a very dull look. They kind of look like I sprayed a clear color followed with a…[Read more]

                • Tamiya clear colours all come out really really shiny. They generally need some thinning as they’re quite thick, although that’s ok for hand painting details, it’s not so good on the airbrush.

                  They don’t mix together though. If you want purple, don’t think you can mix clear red and clear blue – you just get mud. If you want a clear purple you’ve…[Read more]

                  • Oh okay, looks like i’m going to be buying some Tamiya clears in the near future 😀

                    That’s too bad with the mixing issue it would have been very handy to just mix together but nothings perfect i guess. I’ve never tried mixing the clear colors of the Vallejo though so dont know how that would go. But yes, they would work very well to change an…[Read more]

                    • I love figuring out new paint techniques. I just found a new look on my RG Strike Freedom’s dark blue sections: Tamiya gunmetal, Tamiya clear blue, smoke and then a layer of Createx clear blue. The Createx went on a touch spotty, which made for a finely mottled look that adds great depth to the piece when viewed close up, so a really lucky accident!

                      • That sounds like alot of work but sounds amazing at the same time. Any pictures? I’d love to have a look.

                        Yeah its the best when you think of new ideas and especially when they work!

                        • I gloss top coated it before putting the stickers on. Now there’s gloss coat on top of that, drying. I should be able to get pictures perhaps this evening.

                          Yes, doing multiple coats to make an effect is a lot of work! But sometimes it’s the only way to achieve the effect that I like. For instance, Createx pearl blue looks great as is, but Createx…[Read more]

                          • I’ve definitely got to try out that gunmetal/smoke combination sometime soon. Iv’e never tried the Createx paints either. I wanted to try the fluorescent paints from Createx but its a little too expensive to ship here unfortunately.

                            Yeah that’s true sometimes multiple coats is the only way to get the results you want.

                            • I used the gunmetal/smoke combination on the backpack of RX078 V3.0 that I just finished. It came out well. I also used it on some of the RG Destiny wing sections.

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  • So here’s a vid I did about decaling, There’s some tips in that people may find useful, Enjoy.

  • Hi all just put this vid up onto Youtube, it’s me using a home made wash for my Nu Gundam Ver Ka’s thrusters.

    • Very nice lad… Really want to give this a shot on some metal pieces! Will any wash adhere to the metal pieces or is this the reasoning behind using a custom mixture with the indian ink?

      • Hi mate I used the home brew because its nice and thin. Not only that other acrylic washes can stain and leave a mark.
        Thanks for looking.

        • Ah excellent I’ll look into washes a bit more then, maybe try the indian ink one you’ve done in the video, cheers 😉

  • Finished my Steam Punk Zaku! Let me know what you guys think.

  • Hey all probably asked a million times what kind of pledge do u use as (future)

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    Hi all just had a stab at making a couple of vids about airbrushing my gundams shield so not absolutely sure how to put the link in here but try this or search on YouTube forRX-93 Hi Nu Gundams Shield Part 1/2 Hope that helps.