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    I created this group to spread help about shipping, and go figure I had a bit of an ulterior motive. I’m ready to put an order in, but I have some questions myself.

    1. Ordering in other countries: Will my paypal automatically translate my currency into Yen when I order?

    2. PO Boxes?: I’ve had good luck and bad luck with getting things to my PO box. Should I expect issues or will it be fine? (I’d just had an issue where something was sent back to the shipper and I had to contact both FedEx and the shipper to get it fixed)

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • PayPal has always converted yen into the Aussie dollar for me. Whether I’m getting a good conversion or it’s paypals own interpretation of the current value, is something I’m not sure about.
      As for PO Boxes I cannot help you.