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    Quick community poll:

    Painting the inner frame of your kits. Yay or nay?

    • personal choice: Nah, maybe just some small parts. Can’t really see the inner frame, the pieces fits better together and better articulation without a layer of paint. I find the initial color nice enough. you can still panel line everything tho.

    • Depends on the kit, anything that is going to be visible should be painted up. And if you are entering a competition.

    • all honestly i used to no do it but i paint them now just because why half painted and half not. kind of a half ass job in my opinion if i just left half of it unpainted plus painting it leaves parts stronger and more durable depending on the kind of paint u use

    • personal choice, on most kits the only parts of the inner frame you’ll ever see is at the joints and a bit on the head and a bit on the torso, but then again you’ll know if there’s paint or not under the armor and for some people that matters too. Generally if I’m painting a kit though I’m gonna paint the whole thing including inner frame but I’ll only go as far as 1 color not gonna be like some people and paint individual wires that are detailed on, though I have nothing but respect for the people who do go that far.

    • I’m exactly the same as Steven. I don’t really like knowing the whole kit isn’t painted although it really wouldn’t bother me after a week of having the kit complete. Some people paint all the details of the inner frame and they look amazing but I’m a little lazy in that I’d rather not.
      Nothing but respect for those people though, they really make the kit shine in photo shoots.

    • I don’t paint but I would like to start and just reading all of your different opinions has really helped. I know you all didn’t mean to but thanks.

    • I’m a completionist so i need to paint the inner frame on my kits if i am painting them. i usually don’t go nuts on the inner details but i will bring out some small details either by way of panel lines or chrome paint.

    • I don’t because you don’t see them anyways.

    • Thanks for the feedback so far. I was hoping to jump start the conversation on this board, and it seems this has. πŸ™‚

      Personally: I go back-and-forth. If it’s a kit that I want to pose in different ways, I leave the frame alone. For kits that I’m going to permanently pose, I do paint the parts of the frame that are visible.

      I’ll be doing my first PG soon, and I’m likely not going to paint the inner frame. Mainly because I don’t want to screw up the articulation. On MG and HG kits, I really don’t care too much.

    • I tend to do everything that can be done. For smaller kits, like the HG line or the old 1/144, it’s easy to put them together and take a look what you actually see of the innards. However, with HGs there’s no inner frame so they’re mostly painted anyway. When it comes to MG kits, i don’t put them together for an “inspection” before painting to see what peeks through the armor and what doesn’t so I just do the whole frame. I made a color by accident by mixing some leftovers and it gave me a perfect semi gloss metallic grey for the inner frame stuff that’s super-easy to weather by just rubbing with a cloth for a bit for light weathering or it’s easy enough to do a proper weathering too. With the new Nightingale, I’m a bit worried that it’ll leave the kit with gaping holes where the frame should be but I’ll see that once I get to painting this monster.
      Oh and, nice knowing that you’re still alive and kicking buddy! πŸ˜€