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    WIP 01: Finally got the kit snapped together. All parts have been sanded and the nubs have been taken care of. I thought that there were a few bad nubs on this MG so more attention and sanding required. Now the really fun stuff can begin.
    • I am working on the same kit as well. Looking forward to seeing yours completed. Love ghe paint job on that GM 2.0 btw.

    • Thanks man, there seems to be a good few GM sniper II’s so it’ll definitely be interesting to see all the end results. That GM was my first attempt years ago at shading and using block camo.

    • Fair play to ya, its good to see another irishman doing gunpla, i thought i would never see the day. Have the GM sniper II its pretty unique for the build and simple. I love the swapable hands gesture too.

    • Whats the story man? Yeah we Irish Gunplaer’s are a rare breed indeed. Did ya enter the comp?