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    I really want to kitbash too try and replicate this gundam from a Linkin Park cover.
    Any suggestions on which kits could make this suit would be a big help?
    • wow… haven’t seen that artwork in a long while!
      all i can think is: zaku for the head & lower legs/feet, something along the gm family of mobile suits for the waist/upper legs, not sure about the arms and torso, but the shoulders remind me vaguely of the tallgeese? kinda? maybe just a little…
      lastly, the reflector panels off of the gundam x would go on the back
      all i can say with any certainty is that building a model to match this artwork would be one hell of a project!

    • Thanks for the great suggestions. I had some of those thoughts floating around. Definitely need some opinions though.

      I just came up with the idea so this is a long way from being close to done lol