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    Oh man, it’s like Christmas! After 2 and a half months, Gourai Type 10 is finally painted and ready, and not a moment too soon! Without further ado, I present to you my final entry for the Playing With Plamo contest!
    Name: Aaron Yelensky
    Kit: Frame Arms Girl Gourai Type 10

    The second hand-painting I tried turned out looking like crap, so I stripped it (again) without bothering to take pics and switched to spray paint. Luckily, Tamiya has JGSDF colors in spray can form as well. That worked way better, and the masking solution didn’t dissolve the spray paint, of course!

    I can’t help but admire her as my first ever painted model, but I’m still not entirely satisfied with how everything ended up – someone suggested using Future floor polish to prep surfaces for decals, but it ended up creating some undesired texture around the decals, so I think I’ll try something else next time. I also sprayed the skin parts with matte Mr. Topcoat and the armor parts with one coat of matte and one coat of semi-gloss. Her skin parts turned out great, but I think I’ll stick with just matte for the armor next time. I did try panel lining with a grey gundam marker, but it was too dark and looked odd, so I used a mechanical pencil instead.

    Still, all things considered, I’m really proud of her! I ended up painting part of her Freestyle Bazooka silver before adding the camouflage this time, and I’m especially happy with how that came out. She has PROPER Type 10 tank camouflage now, and she really looks like she’s ready to go and join the JGSDF now! That, or go and do battle with the other Frame Arms Girls!

    Between 3 paintings, 2 paint strippings, and lots of (costly ;_;) trial and error, I learned so much, and I can say with confidence that deciding to enter this competition and painting Gourai was totally worth it no matter what the outcome is. Of course, I think I’ll be buying an actual airbrush before I try painting again.

    • Looks great! Really clean build!
      Did you paint the skin parts or only top-coated them? Waiting for my Innocentia to arrive but I am really afraid to painting skin and yours looks perfect.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was afraid of painting the skin too, so I decided I’d just top coat it. I’m glad I did, though, because it turned out looking great, no paint required! I also welded the seams on her thighs with tamiya thin cement, and that went a long way toward making them look natural. I definitely recommend seam welding any flesh parts, just don’t do it on parts you’re going to want to take off or apart later, and DEFINITELY don’t get plastic cement anywhere near polycaps, hinges, or other moving parts!

      Good luck with your smug catgirl! I’m still waiting for mine to arrive as well. Gourai lit a fire in me, and I can’t ignore it!

    • It definitely looks great. Noted all, it would be my first articulated kit so all the tips help, I usually build military vehicles, but her smugness was too much to ignore and decided to give it a try, also got a pair of little armory AKs, they are compatible right?
      Any recommendations for using Mr. Topcoat, I am getting the same one ASAP, the finish looks damn good.

    • All the Little Armory weapons work with FA:Gs. That rifle in the pics is the LA Type 89 assault rifle, and it comes with Gourai Type 10 (since it’s an assault rifle used by the JSDF). Their hands are flexible and rubbery so they can hold a lot of handheld weapons, including stuff meant for gundams or others.

      As far as topcoat goes, do light coats. You can do more than 1 coat if you want, probably 3 at most, but definitely make them light coats. If it goes on milky, it means you’ve used too much. Also use matte for the skin unless you want them looking like oiled up porn stars. Matte’s good for the armor, too, especially since most modern military vehicles use matte paint. The more sci-fi ones like Baselard or Hraesvelgr might look ok with semi-gloss or even glossy, though.

    • So tough. So smol. So kawaii!

    • Excellent! I’ll take all that into account. Thanks man.
      It’s pretty cool she is modeled around the JGSDF’s MBT, painted on JGSDF camo and wields their issued assault rifle, great work!