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    Howdy, got a question about those online exclusives, specifically the recently announced msv color gelgoog cannon.

    I know the body is a 2.0, I know the backpack and arm weapons are from the old 1.0 base Johnny Ridden/cannon set, but…what about the head?

    WIll that be a custom 2.0, or just a 1.0 adapted to fit onto the 2.0 body?

    There are a lack of pics online about this!

    • its sort of a combination of a gelgoog 2.0 head on the back with that fin but bumped up with an rx 78 top piece mabe take that off an rx and just glue it onto the top of the gelgoog and bump the fin to the back of it either that or probably scratch build one yea prob scratchbuilding it might make it look more exact