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    ITS ME AGAIN, anyone bought from

    Specifically “bandai kits” and not the 3rd party/resin kits they sell, there is a kit I’m eyeing off, but being hong kong based where all the fake stuff is, and because I can’t find many reviews even with google…

    tldr can I trust them with a legit gundam model, wouldn’t mind me this specific model which is overpriced elsewhere :c

    • As long it got a logo of ‘Bandai’. Nobody will try to fake Bandai logo.

      there are something I don’t really agree and need to speak it out. Resin kit is expensive, I myself sometime will buy Metalbox SD resin kit, but if written as ‘discontinued’, 3rd party is only my way to buy it. Same with Five Star Stories resin kit, original kit could easily cost 30,000 yen and 3rd party only cost you US$160… as a modeler, I don’t think you only buy 1 model, but will buy many especially you are a big fan over some type of Robot. Of course, there are many negative comment over China made models, but today I find their model is not really that bad compare to 10-20 years ago.
      As for me, I build every type of brand, as long is not cost too much and it not crappy to build. I got the Elyn 1/100 Kshatriya, it work fine and is impressive after finished, same as 1/100 Tallgeese III. As a modeler like you and me (and others), we shouldn’t only stick to original brand model, shouldn’t we try others?

      p.s. Not hard feeling, I used to hate China model too… but after years and years, their model indeed change my view too. Plus not only Hong Kong sell China models, there are many countries do so too. Is nothing wrong building a 3rd party model kit. 🙂

      • Don’t get me wrong….
        I buy fake Bandai kit too… but like me explain why.
        Most advance builder (gunpla) will buy fake gunpla kit, mainly only for certain weapon of this kit or just need the skeleton. Is a waste to buy the original just for those parts unless you are rich. 😛 Advance builder spend most of their money on aftermarket parts, putty and other scratchbuilding materials, choosing a 3rd gunpla kit could save them some spare money. 🙂

      • I liked your views…but after much thought *COUGHCANCERWARNINGWITHRESINKITSCOUGH* im not quite ready, nor equipped *COUGHBEDROOMMODLERCOUGH* to try.

        Well I’m more worried about getting a knock off, sure I see the bandai logo…but its a stock image, but im not fully versed in the knock off world, I know some are branded like TT hongli (local shop tried to flog me a tt hongli pg wing zero, im content with my mg’s and the molds were rough as guts) and ghd…or something.

        So despite the dirt cheap price (well, compared to others its $50 cheaper) it COULD be legitimate?

        I’ve bought knock off things before but never an outright gundam kit(sony memory cards, logo and all but failed the parts check and one of those unicorn add on shields…didn’t know they never made a banshee version and here I go spending enough for a hg kit :c) plus my own pessimistic nature…you can understand my fear :c

        • If is TT hongli…seriously, stay as far as possible. Because it doesn’t worth a cent. XD

          If you got a picture of the kit you refer to, I would like to see it and maybe I could help you. For TT Hongli model, and some other fake Bandai Gunpla models, usually the logo is in red like ‘Bandai’ but the words is not written as ‘Bandai’. Plus the picture on box art is faded. And seeing the price tag, example a MG Unicorn (4000 yen) around US$39.10, if what you see is US$15 or $18, something is very wrong, and you always got the right to ask them a question. Sometime, they selling it around US$30 because of box is dent or tear, but if is way below… careful. Email them, PM them before buying.

    • Oh, its an original model (so it claims), specifically one of the bandai online exclusives…I won’t say which because im not sure how long it’ll last :S

      Considering on amazon its going for $150+ for it (which is insane) its a big bargin!

      As for parts and extra weapons…I use gentei kits, the parts replacement system is back up (and is now in a state of flux, guy is fixing stuff it seems) so I can just order “replacement” parts, thanks to sites like dalong I can just go runner A part 12, for example (fixed my hg doven wolf’s head this way), it just uses bandai’s japan only replacement parts service and adds a tiny bit extra to make a profit.

      Prices are reasonable for me, also…other than that one tt hongli i don’t have general access to fakes, only way for me to get a fake is via untrusted sources or hitting a land mine on ebay, ouch.

      BUT back to the topic, gkgundamkits, bandai made kits on site (specifically online exclusives), are they the real 100% bandai ones, or are they known to carry bootlegs, as I said,l hard to tell, when they use stock pictures