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    Hi, got an interesting question…

    I managed to score a banshee ver ka model, now pictures show it with a blue glowing psycho frame, yet the frame is actually green…

    I know a blacklight makes it glow, but on a review I seen it just glown green, how was this effect done, did they use the blacklight used when it was under normal light or something else I’m not told about?

    • the blue psycho frame is a different kit, it’s like how unicorn has a red psycho frame but the full armor unicorn has a green psycho frame

      • You’re kidding me, were they even labeled differently?

        Every site keeps using the same images :c

        • I can only find one “banshee ver ka” and both from what I read are the final battle version, bandai online exclusives, google shows nothing…

          I wonder if using a uv/blacklight in normal lighting conditions would work since pics of the frame being blue are in light while in darkness its green…

          • Sorry I misread your post I thought you had the original gold psycho frame, anyways just did some looking around and it seems that the psycho frame on final battle version banshee is green, infact one source said it was the same psycho frame as the full armor unicorn. and the actual Bandai site shows it to be green and lighting up that blueish color. Sorry not sure how they did that or why.

            • I might try to replicate the effect, gonna try finding a cheap uv light and try it while in normal light to see if it can glow blue (as I never seen it glow blue in darkness-it goes green when in the dark).

              No one has had a clear answer, guess only way to know is to try XD

    • The Banshee OVA has an orange psycoframe. The verKa has green. The “final battle” ver Ka has a blue psycoframe, but is a limited/web release, and comes in a black and white box.

      • My bad, the vKa Final battle is green, it’s the lighting effects that made it blue.

        • I KNEW IT XD, but how were those lighting effects done, any idea?

          Im thinking of trying a blacklight but with normal light going but BEFORE I waste cash I’d like to know if there is something else im missing?

          • It’s probably with UV light or some kind of light that makes the green look bluish. It may also be inherent in the material though it may generally look green.