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  • manganoid posted an update in the group Group logo of Completed Gunpla/ModelsCompleted Gunpla/Models 5 years, 3 months ago

    Hi everybody. I’m new to making/assembling models and I recently bought a 1/35 AV-98 Patlabor Ingram 2nd by Bandai as my first kit and yesterday we (me and my wife :D) finished assembling it. It took us 2 nights but it was awesome. This being my first kit, I’m very happy and proud. I know the paint job is a little off (I don’t care about paint alltogether) and some decals might be off too, but I like it. Here are some pics and a question about the torso opening mechanism (the lower part seems to be relying solely on the rubber). Here it is. Hope you like it 😀
    • Thats awesome that you and your wife did it together! This hobby is all about having fun. What are your plans for a 2nd model?

    • Thanx. Well, early to say but I’m planing on waiting a while until some decent scale (larger than 1/72) Macross Valkyrie comes up. In the meantime, I ordered a fully assembled toys Robot Damashii Belial, and a Vox Aura.

    • neat, havent seen Patlabor anime in forever lol might rewatch it.

      Pretty cool that you and your wife worked on the kit together clean build too 😀

    • Thanx man. It was really fun assembling it, too, for both of us 😀