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    I have recently gotten into gundams. I have assisted my kids putting some kits together but have only assembled one my self. I know this is the MG section and wanted to ask if HLJ would be getting the MG 1/100 FA-78-2?
    If not is bandaionline a safe place to order it from?

    • The MG 1/100 FA-78-2 is an online exclusive, so unfortunately HLJ won’t sell it….
      I did some digging and found that bandaionline isn’t a good nor safe online shop.
      They claim to be in business since 2013, but the site is only registered since January 2015.
      It is also confirmed that a few persons placed a preorder, where billed accordingly and when wanted to cancel the order, they didn’t get any reply via their customer service, nor via normal email.
      Of course, this could all be a coincident but I wouldn’t do any business with them….
      The most known site to be selling P-Bandai stuff is:
      You could place an order with them and you don’t have to worry about them being legit.
      And before I forget, welcome to the hobby! I hope will enjoy it for many years to come and build as many kits as you desire . Happy building!

    • I can second Iceburn’s recommendation for Mandarake as well. I’ve bought from them (mostly exclusives) for a long time and never had any problem so far. It could be a bit pricey though. And not all listed items on their site is really still available. Sometimes it’s already sold out, so they have to double check first. The latest I’ve got from them is the MG Banshee Norn Final Battle version.

      If HLJ in the future carried P-Bandai items, it would be my first stop though.

      • yeah i know what you mean. they’ve got a 3-day item stock check before you can even pay for them. Prices are a higher than but they sometimes have old exclusives and they are way better than the last option which is ebay.

        latest item i got from them was a Astray Noir and Ver RM Striker Packs