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    another question from the beginner: what are some rules of thumb regarding safety? masks, ventilation, etc

    • I have yet to get a mask, but I paint with Tamiya acrylics so it’s not as big of a risk as the enamel stuff…Although you don’t want to breath in anything really, you should use the masks that have filters on them.

      Ventilation depends on your setup, in my home made booth case, it’s flush against the screen door with the box exhaust fan cranked up to full, it works because there is a coloured ring on the door where the fan was blowing out.

      Should be easier with a proper setup though, since they have ducting to blow the fumes and particles out of a window with the fittings they have.

      Best to wear disposable gloves, saves you getting paint all over your hands (and you will, it’s almost unavoidable), and who knows what is in the paint that may absorb into your skin.