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    Hey just wanna ask, why HLJ often dont get P-Bandai online Shop Exclusive releases?? i think many goods kits are release exclusively but not available here in hlj.

    • I can only offer my theory, they are a japanese based retailer, and those p-bandai online exclusives are…p-bandai only exclusives, sold DIRECTLY through them and them only.

      Other dealers like gentei kits gginfinite etc are just odd operations (gg is american if i remember correctly) that just order from the site and then re-sell at a mark up.

      If you aren’t a fan of them, could try your hand at yahoo auctions via a proxy seller like from japan or whoever else you like (although unless you get a damn good deal it works out the same as the former :S), or a friend in south korea/hong kong since they also have a p-bandai shop in those countries.