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    What’s the best RG to get? I’ve got the RX78-2 and the Justice ATM, I’m a big fan of the line and plan on collecting them all..but I want to know wait the general consensus is for the next kit 🙂

    • I’d say that the RG Justice is the best. I had no problems building it and everything held together well.

    • best is just a matter of opinion really. That said I think I’d recommend the strike, then you can get the sky grasper and switch the packs.

    • I have all of them up until the zeta but out of all the ones i have built, my favorite is the Mk. II. Given i’ve only built 5 of them so far

    • I highly recommend the MK-II AEUG or TItans. Titans is my first RG kit and it got me hooked onto the RG line.

      • Is there a difference between the two RX-178’s?

        • The most significant difference is the colour. AEUG is white. TItans is dark blue.
          The rest of the things are just minor difference which is hardly noticeable unless you are a hardcore gundam fan.

          • =_= I’m smart enough to notice the color differences. Hence I was asking about the minor differences!

            • I didn’t mean it in an offensive way. I heard the vents on the chest have slight variations.
              My Titans comes with additional variation of the vents for the chest and legs. Those yellow pieces. Not sure if it is the same for AEUG because I don’t own it. Heard from Syd in Gunpla TV that the additional set is only for TItans.