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    So i finished building the weapons for the Shiranui. Now to panel line and decal up the kit

    • I have to say that the Shiranui’s always been a fantastic design in my eyes. Good work so far!

      • thanks

        • I’ve been thinking about getting one of the Muv Luv kits for a while now. How would you say their build is compared to Gunpla?

          • The Shiranui i got came with around 25 – 30 part trees, however it doesn’t have a internal frame, but it does have a few unique joints like the shoulders, also kotobukiya have a few pre-painted parts, out of the Shiranui and the Type-00 Takemikazuchi i have, the Shiranui comes out as the better kit, but that’s because its a bit more colorful, but both are good kits, and its nice to build some other then a gundam once in a while.

            • You’ve convinced me to get this kit soon, haha. Thanks!

              • It’s also nice that you get a load of weapons with this guy making it worth the money you pay for it.