• Kuroneko posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 4 years, 10 months ago

    This year nothing fancy, just want to enjoy the process. After 2013, I have not touch any Gundam models and maybe is the good time I start with this, my entry on advanced class will be – Bandai Bearguy F (just the big one)

    • To be honest thats a nice canvas for a advance build. Can you share some of your ideas for it? Or will you be going with the flow and modify it as you go?
      PS. I saw you posting in intermediate. They change rules this time. You can only post FINAL build in ONE of the three categories (well you can make more builds in all categories but only allowed to submit only one)

    • my idea will mainly on steampunk and gothic. Already plan, and have a rough imagine in my mind. The only thing is parts that I not found that suit this yet.

      thanks, most likely I will take the intermediate class out, don’t think I could finish 2 model in 4 months…plus this one got much more modding needed.