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    Here is my progress on my Yamato kit! It’s almost done, just the little details need painting and gluing. At the end I might use some kind of a wash on it just to bring out more of the details.

    I really wish that this kit was my entry for the competition. I’m absolutely enjoying this!

    • wow its looking great 😀 may I ask how you painted the red part?

      • Thank you! The red part was painted by airbrushing and I’ve used masking to help seperate the grey with it.

        • Do you prime all the runners before building?

          • For the bigger parts, I took them off the runners just like a Gundam kit but as the parts gets smaller and smaller and it would become too much of a work if I primed them individually. I’ve been priming and painting on the runner for the smaller parts, and just cleaning up any unpainted areas.