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    So, I’m trying to decide to the Gundam Unicorn, finally, because the Sinanju arrived from HLJ. I’m debating to get the normal MG Unicorn kit or the one with the M.S cage with it. Any thoughts?

    • It really depends… if you don’t have enough room then I say get normal Unicorn kit, but if you have room and you want to recreate the scene from the first episode then get the MS cage.

    • I’ve built the the HD one with the cage and i think it was well worth it especially because of the cage. the HD colors i think are just a bonus. but it’s really up to you. Yeah and another thing, there’s another unicorn kit, the full armor with green pyscho. This kit has a ton of weapons and i mean a it when i say a TON.

      • I’ve seen it as well, tons of weaponary and patients is needed for building all those weapons. Its a huge kit!

    • some things were fixed as well on the unicorn with the release of the MS cage version that make it more articulate

    • Full Armor if you have the room.