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    sup guys! so i bought the theatrical release edition of the banshee & unicorn gundam, is there anything i could do to make it look more shiny/glossy? out of the box they look dull and flat.
    • think the standard reply would be use a really high gloss clear coat or future floor polish, but since these kits are clear I don’t really think you should do that so I really don’t think there is anything that you’d really want to do to them. clear kits are kinda tricky like that.

    • well i guess if u want u could give up the clear psycho frame and made a silver base over clear color to produce more shinniess but overall the idea of using gloss clear is not good ull fog up the clear color so dont do that

    • I’ve heard of some people dipping canopies of model planes in Future Floor Polish. But if this gives this the result you are looking for…..?
      There is an other option, you could try finding some normal pearl powder. I say normal, because most come with a color shading. This means that some pearl powder come with a pigment which gives a green, blue, purple or whatever sheen in different light settings.
      But if you can find a normal pearl powder and mix it with a clear gloss coat and spray it on, you get a “metallic” sheen on the clear parts.