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    This is not exactly a gunpla modeling question but its still related to gunpla. What do you do with your gunpla boxes? do you keep them or throw them away? i’ve been keeping all of mine but im running out of room to store them.

    • I actually keep mine too, but only the lids. I sort of disassemble them so they get flat. Then I store them in a large PG box. This way I’ll have all the boxes, yet they take little room to store. Oh, and I throw the bottom sections out

    • So far kept all of my HGUC and RG boxes fully 3D as it’s nice to see them all lined up in order. As for MGs I have about half of them 3D and the other half just the flattened lids like @teetee580 ‘s ones.

    • Have all of mine stacked in a closet, but quickly running out of space. Half the kits I build, I end up putting back in their boxes.