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    Question: Is it fine if I sprayed Mr Hobby top coat on top of acrylic hand painted kit. If it isn’t safe can somebody tell me a good top coat suitable for hand painting. I bought AK Interactive’s ultra matte varnish but the consistency of that thing is pretty much the same as water. I can’t use it.


    • I’ve only used lacquer based gloss and flat coats purchased at a hobby store. Hobby lobby has the same type and I’ve never had any issues spraying over acrylic hand painting.

      • I’ve read from an external source that lacquer paints are the strongest type of all. Enamel and acrylics can be sprayed/brushed on top of them but it doesn’t work the opposite way. But it was from one source and is looking more references regarding this issue. If there’s no issue with painting lacquer on top of acrylics than I’ll go grab one. It’s much easier to get lacquer top coats instead of acrylic ones.

        • For panel washes you can use enamel over lacquer though, just fyi.

          I’ve only completed two kits with full paint and my process went acrylic paint, lacquer gloss coat, enamel paint panel lining, and lacquer flat coat and I’ve never had issues or any of the paint running.

    • Why wouldn’t it be ok? So long as the undercoats were cured. Don’t rush. Give it a few days to cure. Then clear coat. Then 1 week+ in a closet or cabinet.

      • Everytime I brush on top of it, it will “shrink”(I don’t know the proper way to say it :p) so it’s no use. Same thing happened with the primer. The primer has that consistency of a water and instead of priming, I’m ruining the whole model. Since then I would always do a test run of a product fearing that the same thing might happen again.

        • Hmmmm…. not sure. Try a different primer, the first primer I used warped the plastic. The one from the hobby shop cost more, was in a spray can, and worth it. I heard krylon primer can work and be good, but I myself won’t try it after recently having success with my new one.

          • I’ve primed my kit with white/grey acrylic paints. It worked for me after that crappy primer I bought expensively(costs more than most well known brand primers such as Tamiya, Mr Hobby and Gaianotes) ruined the model. I’ve also brought a lacquer primer so that I can use it in the next project. The lacquer primer works just fine.