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    Sorry for the dumb question, but I’m still confused about whether the entered kit should be bought from HLJ or it could be bought outside of HLJ as long as it’s an authentic Bandai kit. thx

    • If you are interested in the prizes, you must purchase the kit from HLJ. Otherwise you can only win the title.

      • are you actually associated withH LJ or is this just your interpretation?

        • I am not associated with Hobby Link Japan. Although the rules state that any kit can be used to enter and win the contest, you will only be able to receive prizes if you had purchased the kit from hobby link Japan. They may ask you to provide proof of purchase before you can receive prizes.

    • Actually, that’s not accurate. The rules do say that you need to be a customer of HLJ (or my guess at least have a account with them), but you don’t have to buy the kit from them.