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    WIP 5
    *epic facepalm* I thought the competition ended the 31st instead of the 1st so I already submitted my final entry. I take it that there’s no way to replace my final entry? Or does submitting a new final entry simply overwrite my old one? I’d like to submit my model again, but this time with the shield.
    Final question for the community: Do you guys think that adding marking stickers would add to the look or would they just look “stuck on”?

    • Same thing happened to me. I planned to have the model coming out of a scratch made asteroid but did not finish by the 31st so I submitted just the model. I wish I knew this before hand so I could have finished my original plan.

      • damn, that would’ve been awesome. I’m at least somewhat glad that I’m not the only one who got the closing date wrong =/

        • I know. I still am going to post pics in the group when it is done. Indeed, there are a number of people I have seen having the same issue. I guess it may because did not specifying what time zone the final submission date was on, forcing many like myself to do it before it was 1 January in Japan. Nonetheless, this was a fun event and I look forwards to the next one.

    • Not to be mean but I think you’re going to get bump up cuz it’s too awesome!! 🙂

    • Very nice weathered kit mate!