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    Next Project 🙂

    1/144 Sinanju Titanium finish

    • Love this guy bro @johnnel!

    • Are you planning to do something about the nub-marks? (gundam marker, paint etc)

      • Actually I don’t plan to do anything about it 🙂 it is part of having a titanium finish. if you use paint or markers. it will still be visible and sometimes make it more visible due to its different shade.

        Most of the time if I have nub marks which are really visible I make sure to cover it up with waterslide decals 🙂

        • The nubs dont look to bad on this kit, and i covered most of mine with decals too :D.
          When your done tho you wont even care, because of how beautiful the kit is

          • And also DO NOT Clear coat with tamiya because it will ruin the paint… i learned the hard way :(, dont know about other brands tho