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    Sorry for no updates from me lately. Work is in progress, slowly. Just yesterday I received custom parts I have ordered from HLJ so started modifying Zaku but was up late and didn’t took any photos. Will post soon.
    What I have done so far is:
    1. Painted wheels with tire black from Gunze and did’t like effect so repainted all with rubber black from Tamiya. Now thinking of how to paint the rims – hand brush or mask and paint with airbrush.
    2. Starting modifying backpack – will ad thrusters and destroying the foot. Zaku in anime has one foot destroyed and I want to keep it that way. This first time for me doing such stuff – hopefully will end up right. Also mixed some custom paints.
    3. Added some battle scars on Zaku. Don’t want too much, but want some of the to be quite visible. You can notice I have a shield from the other Zaku. I was doing battle damage for the first time too, so I took the other one so I can have a spare. But it went well, i think. Some parts of the other Zaku will be scattered around the scenery.