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    [YMT-05 Hildolfr] progress update.
    Just snap fitted tank and did scene planing. Look ok. Now it’s time to take models apart and do some shopping. Need paints and some parts for modifying Zaku. In the meantime will prepare Hildolfr for painting – the usual stuff – sanding, putty, more sanding… Also will think and learn how to make sand diorama.
    • So the premise of the diorama is a confrontation. Good, that is always interesting. If I manage to enter that is what I will do as well.

      The problem I am seeing is the placement. If the cutting mat is the base of the scene then your models are in parallel and perpendicular to it. Parallel and perpendicular do not translate well for confrontations, they are good for scenes of co-operation. You need to put the models at an angle to the base of the diorama. The center-piece (clashing point) of the action has to be visible from the front in order to get the story through to the viewer.

      Other than that this looks to be a strong entry. Can’t wait to see it developer.

    • Thanks for the input. I just wanted to fit models on a mat so I can move it freely on a table, Of course diorama will have different setting. I think I need something bigger then my cutting mat, Hildolfr is quite big 🙂;)