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    Put the back of the head together and scratch built/bashed a gun and the launcher.
    Bit more clean up and onto painting. : D

    • The springs installed inside the duo tubes as gun barrels are pretty cool. I like where this is going. 😀

      • I didn’t think anyone would notice ha!

        Funny thing i had an idea of it firing little projectiles but went with the ends being covered instead. 🙁

        • Aww! Well, nowadays, they dont include that gimmick in Bandai kits anymore… But it’ll be hilarious if your model can shoot projectiles! xD

          • If a toy doesn’t have the capability of taking your eye out then it’s no fun at all. 😀

            • Ahahahahaha. When I was young, my parents were freaking out when I carried any toy figure that shoots. Those were the good old days. xD