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    Last wip images because my memory card on the camera seems to be malfunctioning and eating images so i lost a bunch of stuff and this is all thats left.
    Attached the Ragondin to the base (i have called the mech this because my niece says it looks like a big rat o.O )
    Then mixed some venus flytrap compost into brown paint to make mucky stuff and applied all over the base, feet and bits of the body.
    Not in the images i have also put bars in the gaps between the armour on the hands, attached the troops to the base and added a few things around the body of the Ragondin.
    I will get a new memory card and post some finished images in a few days.
    Thanks for looking.
    • If we could vote for the winner, you would have my vote. What you started with and now made it into this is just amazing. Good luck.

    • mud look perfect

    • You are crazy ! Your work is too crazy ! 😀 You are my favorite ! By lucky i’m in the category intermediate ^^”

    • @ Gundam Medic

      Once again thank you very much for commenting and following the build and i’m glad you found the buildup interesting and one day i wanna see you build your own monster robot. 😉

    • @ Minarto

      Hey thanks.

    • @ Orchidia

      Thank you!!! i think we are all a little crazy around here , i’m up against some awesome builds as it is and you never know one of your kits could be bumped up to Advanced and then we would all be in for an even tougher fight. 😀

    • Thank you Java! But I do not hope! The competition is already very tough with 322 participants in my category, so with a hundred crazy like you, I think I will fast drown! XD