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    I think this might be the final wip for this guy maybe.
    I’ll look over him for a few days and see if there is anything else i can do to it.

    Put material around the legs and body, i will trim the frayed edges later or should i keep it that way?
    I have had a broken gold looking bracelet for a while so i detached the bird things from it and glued these around the body and armour with some gold studs too.
    Finally i have been purchasing a ton of HiQParts VC Domes from HLJ for a while now and used these for the eyes as planned.

    • The eyes remind me of Sin from Final Fantasy 10

    • Damn it! Keep the edges, but for gods sake.. show this thing in its full glory. BTW.. the gold decals. Are these real goldfoil?

    • Yeah it does look a bit like it, i havent played Final Fantasy 10 for years, your making want to get the HD versions now.

    • Well i have to keep things suspenseful until it’s finished or it would be no fun. 😉
      The decals are gold foil i’m pretty sure i bought from hobbycraft a while ago.

    • I really like this! The only issue is with the rough texture, but it’s ok since you did weathering. Good luck!

    • Really awesome mate! We’re not worthy 😉
      I really dig how smart you use stuff like gold stickers and other card making stuff (like the halfbead peral things).
      Paint is ace too.

    • @ Enrico Asa no Hoshi:

      Thanks!!! i guess.

    • @ Beork:

      😀 Thank you very much, it’s suprising really the amount of stuff we can use on models that you would never think about using.

      How’s your build going, looking forward to seeing it all complete