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    I have built and painted the weapon and also painted the troops and a few extra parts.
    I put the material over the arms and have glued the armour on.
    I will add some extra detail to everything shortly.
    • This is looking like a winner!

    • I forgot to ask if you took inspiration from Warhammer? Or is this Warhammer?

    • Hey thanks mate, nah i wouldnt say warhammer more like inspiration from the old manga/anime cartoons like Five Star Stories , escaflowne and Dunebine.

    • The hell… why am I even going on… that hammer!!! You will have my vote too!

    • So it’s a scratch-built battle scene?

    • The creativity and skill that it must’ve taken for you to do this is amazing. I only hope to be a fraction this good some day.

    • Cool stuff!
      I like the hamerthing a lot man.
      So, the cloth on the arms is just that? cloth? (recalling your comment earlier)

    • Thanks you very much, hey don’t give up I want to see your finished dio too. πŸ˜‰

    • Yep!!, well 95% scratch built, I have used a few toy/model spares for the mechanical parts and the hands.

    • Thank you.

      You can make stuff like this and you probably will. I’ve just had a lot of practise at making things that’s all.

    • What is it this time you troublemaker. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks mate yeah I don’t know what to call the weapon either, looks like a giant deadly plexor that the doctors use to test reflexes. πŸ˜€

      Yeah its red cloth but painted a darker red then a lighter red on top for shading with a little bit of weathering applied, the paint stiffens up the material and basically holds it in place.