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    i have a question, while i’m trying to remove the nub marks using sand paper, i’ve found that, using sand paper on painted kits, i’ll only ended up with scratch up kit, i have no idea how to conceal the scratch marks all over my kit, and now i’ve given up using sand paper and when i’m just using the cutter and knife, sometimes the white mark appear on the area where the part is connected to the runner. my question is, does anyone have any tips how to hide the scratch from the sand paper work, or any other tips to remove nub marks. sorry for my long post.

    • Haha! There is no easy way to remove nub marks. If there was we would all be doing it. The best way to remove them is by sanding, moving to finer grits as you go. You can’t do this on special finish for obvious reasons. If you have a special finish kit like a titanium or gold coated edition, you need to use a modelling knife (preferably with a new ultra sharp blade) and you must very very very gently shave of the nub working your way towards the base. Shave to much and you threaten stressing the plastic causing creases, discolouration and possiblybreaking off the nub putting a big hole in your piece.
      Either way, everyone will agree with me when I say, NUBS SUCK!

    • perhaps it is because you don’t use the correct grit. I tend to use 800 grit to shape the nub mark off and then finish with 1000 grit to smooth it out. you’ll fine it won’t scratch as much if you smooth it with the 1000. That being said, painting the kit will cause the scratches to disappear so i suggest doing so