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  • Jade Gray posted an update in the group Group logo of Q/A & Help GroupQ/A & Help Group 4 years, 10 months ago

    Ok so… I recently spent like WAY too much on gunpla lol any who I have several kits now and 3 of them are Ver Ka. I got the sazabi, the Nu and the Full Armor unicorn(all ver ka) then I have a shin musha, an Astray red frame, andthe PG Unicorn… which should I do first??? I just don’t know lol oh and i have an hg unicorn destroy mode and the banshee norn… i am half finished with the hg unicorn but what should I do next???

    • your back log is starting to look like mine 🙂 i would recommend the FA Uni first. then the PG YOLOcorn, then the rest of the ver ka stuff. Sazabi is a monster and a shelf destroyer so make sure u got space, now that i think about it so is the FA Uni… and i think the Nu is as well but i havent finished mine yet. I don’t do HGs… so yeah my vote is the FA Uni first.
      ohhh are you building OOB or painting or super painting?

      • Haha I just bought a shelf that hopefully will hold them all! I started out doin HG.. but prob not painting cause I don’t have skill haha. I will possibly paint the shin musha but waiting on an airbrush lol my pastors gonna let me borrow it!!

    • Do the HG’s first. Then Red Frame (should be easiest MG of the bunch), then Shin Musha and then the Katoki hell….. Start with FA Uni, then the NU (some parts are tricky) and then the Sazabi