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    How about bashing The O and Qubeley (any of the 3) to look like Emerald Weapon form FF7

    • O…M…G…

    • That’s The-O, Kshathriya and Qubeley right there! 🙂 Sans arms.

      • And 100% doable too!

      • Make that Messala, Kshathriya and qubeley. With legs from the Messala, body of Kshathriya and binders from Qubeley. Or Dom’s legs… Can’t make up my mind… The more I look at the picture the more suits come to mind.

        • yeah problem is this is for 2 MG kits 🙁

          • LoL, kind of forgot about that. 😀 I’d say you win hands down anyway. 🙂 Never got to beat that guy. No matter how much I tried…

            • i literately just beat him last night holy crap…and all those times i staried at him while Knights of the round animation going on the more it hit me how much it reminds me of a green Qubeley

              • That reminded me how I never obtained that summon either because I never gottmo having a golden Chobobo (was it golden or black?). I’ll probably take another swing on FF7 soon as you reminded me how great that game is. Thanks for that!

      • put the kshatriya shields to build the shoulders, get two hg gaplat and retrieve the booster units to make the legs, get one danazine to get the tail, even you could use a capule or the chst piece of the kshatriya to make the core of emerald thorso, the rest are details parts from scracht. i Think that the most similar MS is the NZ-000 Queen Mansa.

    • i want to try this with the hg versions.