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    After giving some long thought, I am leaning on doing sort of a kit bash. I plan on building the RG Char Zaku, and incorporate the wing pack and weapons from the MG Epyon I have not finished yet. Not to decide if I want the wings more of a rider or on the mobile suit itself, or do a transformation somehow. With the rider form I can throw on Virture’s large cannons and extra goodies. What does the community think? I am going to change up the Char to black and red. My next step is to sketch it out. What does everyone think about the idea?

    • I don’t know, wouldn’t that make it way out of proportion? In my experiences of kitbashing, you really need to plan it out and not just slap random parts together.

      • That is why I was leaning on going with a rider that the Zaku could stand on. It would be both quicker transportation and like a mobile weapon silo. Hmm, may just have to put the wings together and see how they look.

        • i say the rider is a good idea but i recommend slapping on some of the smaller armor parts from the epyon but it is important to keep it in scale and plan it out like what @striker0 said best of luck 🙂