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    hello, i just got into gunpla recently, i have 3 kits right now, which are all master grades:age 2 double bullets, rx78-2 ver 3, and aile strike rm. they look awesome straight out the box, but i they would loook more awesome if painted. i dont have airbrush, so im plannin on using spry can. so my questions are,

    1. how do i paint the inner frames? do i disassemble it peace by peace? or i can paint it as a whole without disassembling it.

    2. for my future kits, is it better to paint them first before i build it?

    3. is it ok to paint my kit while still on the runners? or its best to cut em off the runners then paint?

    thanks in advance

    • 1. for best results clip and paint individually, but well inner frame you don’t really see too much of it except around the joints usually, not counting transforming kits. so actually you can for the most part get away with painting the parts assembled, but make sure you don’t somehow mess up the movements, just bend the joints to check ,also you may notice that in some positions frame that used to be covered will be visible since other plastic moved out of the way so you will want to check the piece in different position to make sure you get it all if you do it this way.

      2. for best results yes paint before assembling, with a condition. parts that go together and leave a seem line. When you start getting into things you’ll want to get rid of those, a simple technique for this is to put plastic cement where the parts touch each other and press them into each other to make the cement and some plastic spill out, then let it dry and sand it smooth, after this you’re also gonna have to mask off parts around this piece before painting it so you don’t get paint on things you don’t want painted that color. is ok to paint your kit on the runners, but you’ll never get as good results as if you got them off the runners first, and there’s really two reasons for this that come to mind. 1. the parts where the piece is connected to the runner will be unpainted for obvious reasons, and 2. the parts and those connections block the paint from reaching everywhere so after you cut the parts off the runner you may notice that some areas weren’t painted. Simply put if you want the kit together fast, then paint it on the runner, if you want it done the best it can be then don’t paint on the runner.

      one more thing, be careful painting moving parts, by that I mean the actual joints where the movement actually happens balljoints and such, becareful getting paint on those, as it thickens the part and can cause there to be too much friction making the part break when you try to pose the kit.