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    Hey there fellow Gunpla-ers. I was on Tamiyas website looking at paints, and I saw that they had a surface primer and fine surface primer. What’s the difference between both?

    • The difference between the two is that the “fine surface primer” has far smaller pigment in it. This results in better upholding the panel lines and details on the surface. The normal primer will somewhat obscure them. If you’d choose to do panel lines after painting I recommend using the “fine surface primer”. The panel lines stay deeper which result in a better flow of the panel wash.
      Hope this helps out. Happy building 😉

      • @teetee580 Oh wow that’s really important! I was thinking it was just a marketing scheme ahah. I know what you mean though. A long time ago, I primed an old HG 1/144 Justice Gundam and I saw some of the details disappearing. I definitely intend to try out panel washing so fine surface primer it is. Thanks for the clarification as always. Happy building :D!

        • You’re welcome. One other thing though, even if you use the fine surface primer, it’s also the number of coats of paint can give the same problem. For primer, one or two thin coats will work perfectly. As for paint, two or three coats at the most. This because if you choose to do panel lines, you should also apply a clear gloss coat for protecting the paint underneath it. One coat of clear gloss is all you need.
          Happy building wished to you too

          • @teetee580 You’re right. In the past I’ve always gone too heavy with paint and primer because I always wanted to get the parts painted in one spray session. This always led to thick layers. Now that I am older and understand the importance of thin layers, I will hopefully do a couple of layers to get the best paint results. Good advice. happy building!