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    Hi everyone!Will be working on the Nu ver. Ka soon and wanted to put LEDs for the psychoframe. I saw this kit with very tiny LEDs-can anyone tell me how these were applied in a row? It’s my second trial at LED after my Optimus Prime, so a real noob,lolz, but am a brave noob.
    • Thanks for the video-am already subscribed to the guy on Youtube. It’s his videos that convinced me to put LEDs in my DMK 01 Optimus Prime.
      As for how small, on Ebay howeever small the LEDs the strip on which they are mounted are too wide. That’s why I wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on how I could achieve the result of the pictures I posted.
      But I got an idea-am gonna glue 0306 SMDs in series on the frame of the Nu using conductive glue and epoxy. Anyone has a better idea?

    • It won’t be till next month as the Nu ver. Ka is in my Private Warehouse right now. In the meantime am putting LEDs in my MG Sinanju, 23 LEDs in all. Having gone through so much trouble in building and painting it, I don’t think I can afford to mess my kits up,lolz!!

    • That’s awesome! Share pics/vids when you can please!

    • I just need to put the 23 LEDs I bought for my MG Sinanju and do the final mod on my Optimus. By the end of this month I’ll be posting some pics of the Nu.