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    Here’s my MG Sinanju OVA with Decals and 3rd party Decals+ golden metallic stickers. What do you think about it? Yeah I messed up my clear coat. I think I should use Tamiya clear coat instead of Abro next time.

    • Wow that looks amazing. What brand decals were they?

    • Am not sure, but I think the brand is “Easy Decal”.I bought it from HQparts on Ebay! The water decals are very good quality, but beware when using the Metal Stickers-they are indeed made of metal thus not very good on curves. I had to use cement to make it stick well. Anyone used the Metal Stickers and have a better way of using it well?

    • That looks sweet , i hope mine looks half as good when i do the decals 🙂

      • Thanks!!Beware the golden decals!You really need decal softner for those!I didn’t know at that time and I messed up all of them and I had to use the stickers in the end:-( All the best for your kit!

    • Nice work as you can see mine is half way done and i had ordered the original dscals but water slides and would sugest it to anyone cus so many dry transfers in close proximity is a desaster waiting to happen. But i l8ke what you did with the kit just think some areas seem like thier is way too much going on with some of the decals. Cant see what the clear coat is but it looks good

      • Thank you. Yeah I must admit I went all out with the decals, lolz!I agree with you for the dry transfer decals-moreover they are not practical for the curves of the Sinanju. Anyways for my 3rd MG I really wanted to experiment with decals, now am satisfied, though learnt about Decal softners too late. Next time I’ll be working with LED’s on my MG. Any suggestions?

        • Havent done any led work but i too learned that with the sinanju u need the mr mark softer too late and vruined the hands. But too much of the mark softer and it eats away at the water slide decals