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    I have an issue when painting my kits. E.g my MG Sinanju OVA, no matter how many layers of top coating, there are some areas that still remains dull after the coat has dried. It looks as if sand paper was used to rub off the gloss, though it’s only apparent when you look up close. I don’t use Primer, btw.

    • What type of coat you putting on?

    • What paints and top coat are you using?

    • I used MR. Hobby Mr. Color Metallic Red with a brush mixed with thinner. Then I sprayed Clear Coat from Abro. Unfortunately I can’t capture the “blemishes on camera. But am posting the link to my Sinanju so that you can judge what’s wrong with my painting.

    • Now that I think about it,I also sprayed Abro Clear coat directly on my Takara Tomy Optimus Prime without painting it first, and on it too this happened-some spots would become dull after drying up no matter how many times I sprayed on it! Should I do something with the plastic first?

    • Gonna buy clear coat from Tamiya this time, but also paint retarder(for more smooth textures when using brush and Tamiya Gloss Coating Varnish. I think my PG Red Frame will be awsome!!
      Btw I just wanted to know something. Some people say acrylic paint doesn’t stick on kits as well as the other paints. Is that true?