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    Finished applying the HG decals, or most of them, maybe like 95% of them. The decals are not numbered and I had to use the MG ver Ka manual Sinanju as reference to know what to put where. It was tedious but not that difficult. Also used some metal decals(leftover from my MG Sinanju customisation.)
    • Forgot to mention that the decals fit well, meaning except for the opening hatches, the HG and RG are identical in appearance. I also bought fully articulated hands for my kit and fitted magnets to them. Those little hands are very fragile. Could have used the RG hands but I couldn’t glue the magnets to them as I believe they are coated with an anti adhesion chemical. The proportion doesn’t look off to me, but perhaps I should get the rounded fingers type.

    • Jeez, that looks great!!!!
      Got those hands too in 1/100 scale. On the MG Destiny they look great, tried them on the MG Wing Zero and they looked way too big.
      As the Sinanju is a really big suit, the hands a just the right size in my opinion.
      Bought the rounded fingers in 1/100 scale for my MG Sinanju, but the rounded ones from that line are way much bigger then the square ones, at least in 1/100 and it had rthe same effect as on the Wing with the square fingers, they looked pretty awkward…..

    • Thanks. Yeah got the 1/100 square ones too. Bought the 1/144 and the 1/100 for the MG Sengoku and the RG Red Frame, but they were too big in both cases-I believe they are for big MS like Sinanju and Nu gundams. But they are really fragile-they should have used ball joints at the knuckles like the MG ver ka hands. There are better 3rd party articulated hands that come like the Nu ver ka hands but not in 1/144 scale unfortunately.