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    Hi guys don’t know if anyone can help me it’s my birthday and I got two options MG Sengoku Astray or MG Destiny please answer

    • I would recommend the MG Destiny, it is a love hate kit, but i have just recently finished my own MG Destiny custom painted build and i have to say I’m very impressed with the kit, i personally thinks its great, especially if your a fan on seed & seed destiny! However you cant go wrong with the astray kits either, they look great and have a lot of detail 🙂 hope that helps, good luck

    • Both are really good kits but I’d say that if you aren’t planning on painting the ranking for the kits would be Extreme blast mode Destiny > Sengoku Astray > regular Destiny. The Extreme blast mode version just adds so many cool things to the Destiny but if you’re just looking at the regular then I’d go for the Sengoku Astray.

    • I haven’t built Destiny, so I can’t say anything about that. But the Sengoku Astray is like an Astray Frame. It’s not bad, I kinda like certain aspects of the suit. I would consider using a stand if you are going to have him do action poses, fighting poses, standing. I have found him taking shelf dives more than any of my other models combined. It’s because of his weak ankles. I recommend sitting or meditative poses, probably one of the few that can easily do these poses anyway. And as a bonus, you get a ton of extra Astray parts.