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    Not really gunpla, but showing off my metal builds. Destiny v Freedom!
    • Are the metal builds worth the price? I’m thinking about picking up the Gold Frame Amatsu when that gets released.

    • Depends on what you value. Some are obviously worth the price, like the Destiny, which is markedly different from its plamo incarnations. The Freedom is more iffy. I’m considering the Gold Frame as well, for its sheer over-the-topness.

    • The freedom is my favourite mobile suit. So for me it was worth getting the metal build. I also got the exia repair and the metal build laevatein. Both are great! it’s really depends on how much you like that mobile suits design. If you like the gold frame, I would recommend buying the metal build. I’m not disappointed in what I got in return for a hefty sum of money. Looking at getting the destiny as well.

    • What exactly is so different from the metal builds? From what I’ve seen its mostly just occasional diecast parts and slightly sturdier frame. I’ve never really understood why they are so incredibly expensive.

    • For some, design: (side by side pic of metalbuild vs MG Destiny)

      Other factors: pre-painted and pre-assembled with die-cast parts, sturdier construction without sacrificing articulation. “Sharper” proportions.

    • Essentially, you’re buying a well-constructed action figure, and not a plastic model kit.

    • Ah okay that makes a bit more sense. Thanks for explaining.