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    So have done quite a bit of work in terms of getting everything the way I want it. Still got a long way to go but it is coming along well 😀
    • You will be transferred to the advanced category if you follow this way XD

    • lol nothing is scratch built tho 😛 its all just kit bashed gunpla parts 🙂

    • i love how you’re inserting the psycho frame under that thin 00 armor. It takes skill to keep the proportions of that model slim while adding more plastic underneath. I’m working on the same model and it took me a lot of time.

      I agree that you might be moved to advanced category but i would have it no other way.

    • Thanks! 😀 Kit bashing gunpla reminds me of LEGO. Lol thing to find that exact piece you need to make it perfect.

      I actually bought the green psycho frame from the full armor unicorn from Bandai’s part service :).

      I am using the red psycho frame that is on the Unicorn at the moment as sort of a prototype. I can modify the red psycho frame without having to worry about ruining it as much.

      When I get psycho frame piece that I am satisfied with, I modify the green psycho frame to look like what I did on the prototype and then polish it and what not so it looks perfect. 🙂

      I am excited on this kit since it will have a fully functioning inner frame with great articulation and armor to put on top of it. I am looking to keep this with the idea of it still being a Master Grade. Great engineering, great articulation, amazing detail.

      Haven’t come up with a name or color scheme yet, but I got a few weeks to figure that out.