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    Some more work recently. I’m about quarter the way through with the Carbon Fibre decals from Studio27 and doing some work on the steering wheel. The effect is to get a nice suede look which the drivers back then used for steering grip. Brake ducting finish and added with the engine.
    • Sweet! how did you create the suede texture? Putty?

    • I have a couple of varying cans off undercoat. Thin, Thick etc. The steering wheel I used the thick PPG auto undercoat I just spray a little bit so it dribbles over the nozzle, dry and then go at it full spray. The effect splatters the undercoat thickly. I dip it in a fine grain sand, dry and then TS-29

    • Thanks for sharing! I learnt something new today!

    • Another way to do suede is to buy flocking powder from ebay or art supplies, apply glue to where you want it, pour powder on the model over a sheet of paper to catch powder for reuse. With practice, you can flock the entire interior of a model car, bus, truck, train, etc.