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  • The Schmeek posted an update in the group Group logo of Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 3 years, 1 month ago

    Wow, some of the Gundam modelling I’m seeing is just amazing. Shouldn’t you guys be doing Advanced? Despite the terrible Christchurch weather (though we need it after our recent bush fire) I’ve been doing some undercoating and sanding and moving onto some painting. This kit is perfect to the point where I can just use the Tamiya rattle cans and can hold off on the airbrush. Lately I’ve been using former rubber gloves as part of the masking process and can cover parts that I don’t want splattered instead of using conventional paper and modelling masking tape.
    I had trouble with part of the wishbone suspension for the CG901B in that it has to be placed inside the monocoque prior to the primer and topcoats. The parts are waver thin and continually snapped off during the sanding process. On adding the rest of the front suspension it fitted very well and had no further problems.

    The rear wing was assembled using photo etch parts and sprayed with Tamiya Semi Gloss and then the end plate with Tamiya Coral Blue. I’m not concerned about the Semi Gloss being splattered with the Coral Blue as this will covered with the Studio 27 carbon fibre decals along the wing plates and inside the end plates, decals for the end plates to follow and the wing should be near completed.

    With the monocoque you can see where I used the masking tape between the two colours and sadly… The nice crack along the seam of the two joined parts.I somehow knew this would occur and went about sanding the cracked area, resealing it from underneath with cement glue, drying and then resanding. More coats over the area and then in good shape. All inside parts are sprayed with Tamiya Semi Gloss prior to using the Coral Blue.

    Using Tamiya’s polishing products Fine and Finish you can certainly see the difference between the monocoque area and the rear engine cover and how much shine comes out once polished. This will now receive a Tamiya Clear Coat from a rattle can and then decals will be applied to this area. (black smudges are from my camera)