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    I’ve finished modding the Gelgoog’s proportions. I used some nylon washers from the hardware store to add 2.5 mms to the height at the waist, and some plastic tube to add another 2.5 mms at the ankles. The goal was to keep the leg armor from touching the ground and to stretch the kit out, without it being noticeable.
    I filled in the notch where the commander’s horn fits into the head by gluing and cutting down one of the included horns. Some putty or primer work will be needed to completely conceal the notch.
    • Was also contemplating extending Jesta’s Torso and arms, however decided against it as i think that it would be too much in the intermediate category.

      Very good idea tho bro.

    • Thanks, I’m not sure what does and does not constitute the intermediate category anymore; as there are other builders using really advanced techniques within this category.