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    Am wondering why other collector’s HG is not getting broken for many years why mine is getting broken less than a year? maybe because the hot weather here in the philippines, i don’t know

    • Depends, playing with the kits doesn’t help (hg kits use poly caps which get worn out easily when moved alot) so get a good pose and let it be…

      Heat is a factor, I got lucky when I went there but I have heard stories of the heat, if you get serious with your kits and paint/make dioramas/etc a friend of mine suggested getting a climate control cupboard…sounds VERY expensive but at the right temperatures your gunpla should still be standing strong…provided excessive strain isn’t placed on the kits.

      Action bases may help depending on such poses, hope this helped 🙂

    • Play too much like what masterDS64 said. Use too much force on fitting A and B together, it will break. Using Tamiya enamel wash with Tamiya enamel thinner on panel lining,, it will crack on most Bandai kit too… lol.

      Just handle with care, and you model will last long. Is nothing about the hot weather. I live in Singapore, 12 months also Summer, here is even more hot than yours… lol.