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    my HG are always broken because i always touch and pose them everyday, can you guys help me how to just let them display at my shelf?

    • Pose them and leave them,simple.

      Or just wear realy big gloves thst wont allow you to touch them.

    • I had the same issue, what I done is take a few of the best poses I can, take a pic of each with the best camera you got then leave them in THE best pose you can think of as the final one.

      This way while the hg death scythe hell is falling to bits…but its MG counter part is intact 😉

      • haha!! i really hate 1/144 today 1/144 scale hg,fg,ng bring me bad gunpla memories 🙁 so now im collecting those 1/100 scale models like NG, i have a lot of knowledge about MG but until now i still don’t even a single master grade lol

        • Heh I broke one a few days ago (mind you was still building…too much force when sanding paint off XD) but I don’t have many issues with 1/144 kits…

          I build, I make my fav pose, I leave him alone, same for mg’s (their complex gimmicks worry me more than my old pre 2000 hg gundam wing ew kits!)