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    If you want to panel line a painted kit is it necessary to apply a topcoat over the paint and then add the panel lines or can I just fill the panel lines directly on the paint.
    p.s. Been using regular tamiya spraycans for painting and will be using the gundam panelwash marker.

    • gloss coat, decals, panel line then final top coat

    • If the paint went on really smooth, you could do the panel lining on top of the paint, since the Tamiya spray cans are lacquer based and the Gundam Markers are water based. If the paint is a bit grainy, you could have some difficulties removing the excess.
      When planning on doing a top coat over the panel lines and paint job, make sure the panel lining has dried for at least a day and use a water based top coat, anything stronger can dissolve the ink of the Gundam Markers.
      Vallejo makes a good top coat that is water based. And if I’m not mistaken, you can even choose between a gloss and mat clear coat.
      If you are planning to use the stickers, a top coat beforehand is not necessary. When the kit comes with water slides, a gloss top coat (it doesn’t matter which sort you use, as the paint is made of lacquer and therefor the strongest of all sorts of paint) is recommended to prevent “silvering”. And if you have access to whatever brand mark softner, first water slides and after that the panel lines. This keeps the appearance of two separate panels when a water slide goes across them.
      And after that a water based top coat.
      I hope this answers you question. Should there be any other issue please contact us again.
      Good luck and happy building